Recent Projects
Revenue Advance App for Creators
Digital wallet that makes getting, saving and spending money easier for creators worldwide.
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Upside: HR tool

Upside is a SaaS platform that allows setting up, monitoring, and managing employee benefits programs.
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JobPoll - platform for reviewing

employee well-being

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International Remittance App
Pico Pay is an Australian funds remittance service provider and currency exchange dealer. They want to break the traditional barriers for currencies by providing convenient and reliable services to its customers at the lowest possible cost.
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Smart Factoring Solution
Advanon is an online platform that is a smart alternative for traditional factoring. The platform provides risk-free invoice financing and matching between SMEs and investors. Businesses got an opportunity to sell their open invoices to the platform in return for a credit.
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Wealth Management Platform
Advanced wealth management and brokerage platform built with FintechNoCode banking technology.
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Kingswood Makati Condominium is a portal for the tenants residing in the condominium as well as the administrators who work there.
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Mindwell is a mobile application curated for its customers and an admin portal that will manage all data necessary in the application.
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